tips for the 2023 exercise of the day

hey everyone, this is mike Giardina, and we’re going to do some wad tips for the 2023 exercise of the day. Okay, so today’s workout will be a 12-minute am wrap of three weighted pulls. -ups, six dumbbell push-ups, and nine dumbbell squats. The weight for this workout is going to be 35 pounds for men and 25 pounds for women. When I first saw this workout, I thought 12 minutes was really not that long, and it was going to be pretty simple. However, you’re actually able to accumulate quite a few rounds in that time, cycling through a lot of rounds.
Perhaps put up one dumbbell on the bell itself so that it is sitting up vertically so you can rapidly lock your feet into that dumbbell and complete your three repetitions. When you come down, make sure that dumbbell is flat on the floor so you can immediately begin your six push-ups.
Perhaps get up and dust it off a little before starting your nine squats. Once you’ve completed those, place one dumbbell flat with the yellow one vertically so you can lock your feet in again and immediately begin your three pull-ups.
My view is that the transitions between squats, pull-ups, and push-ups are swift.
Possibly a slower transition between the push-ups and the squats to give yourself a brief respite, but you should be able to reach
The objective here is to fire at least one round per minute. I managed to wring out 14.
For this workout, your objective should be to learn how to sustain one round per minute. Good luck with that.

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