some fitness mistakes behind and not repeat them in 2023

Your buddy needs to leave some fitness mistakes behind and not repeat them in 2023, which is what I’m going to be discussing.
So keep in mind that this is about your buddy and not about you if you start to feel defensive about something I say. So, don’t be alarmed. Not to fear
Let’s just get into these errors because 20 20 attend. So let’s discuss it. Keep up because I’m going to read this really quickly. Yes, continue. You must adhere to rule one.
If you follow my premium workout plan, you don’t have a cheat day in your calendar.
You can mark your cheat day in this space on the calendar.
Do not attempt to treat this like a game. Don’t attempt to be a hero, Rambo
Everyone requires an indulgence day
The day you blow it, the day you just do everything evil you want to keep from your personal trainer
This could be one of the reasons you haven’t scheduled a vacation day. You have such a difficult time resisting treats. I’m having a bad day.
I typically cheat on Thursday, and I look forward to that day every single day of the week. mistake
Second, you don’t store your essential exercise gear in plain view. Listen, even though I don’t use my weight every day, I can always see it because I see it every day.
Weights on my ankles my weights my workout pad my running sneakers all these qualities about my treadmill
If you don’t see your exercise equipment, it’s because they are in locations where I see them every day.
What’s this? Your workout equipment will never be used. I apologize. Not you, your buddy; your friend keeps avoiding planks at all times.
She notices boards while exercising. She simply relaxes. She completely avoids doing it. Listen. If you can’t, that’s alright too.
She has a three-second plank limit. It’s alright
She has to play; she has only five seconds to prepare. She must carry out the boards. None of the boards are
Optional The vegetation is what creates your waist net.
Your muscles will be visible thanks to the planks, while your back will be supported.
So even though you’re a grandmother, mistake number four can still be committed. She despises working out.
She is unwilling to perform it. Listen
It’s okay if you detest exercising.
And you exercise because you enjoy doing so, which is why I have more than 200 workout recordings on my channel.
I have hundreds of exercise videos in my app, so you can find one that you enjoy, want to repeat, and wake up in the morning as I work out. In reality, no one wakes up in the morning as I work out, which is why this next mistake is a common one. Because it’s not very popular, I really need you to grasp your friend’s hand as I say that because it’s really going to upset her. It moves quickly. It’s accurate. I’m only going to repeat it once.
Here’s what to do if your buddy is working out in the gym and lifting weights but still needs to lose 30 pounds or more.
She’s committing a grave error.
Lifting weights is not terrible.
Anyone who needs to lose 30 pounds or more is not a good choice for heavy-weight training in the gym, even if your friend is
She should concentrate on improving her diet and performing bodyweight exercises in that circumstance.
To drop that weight, consistently. Everything and anything is affection. Mistake number 6: I say I’m starting from a place of love.
She maintains a strict diet. I won’t say anything else.
Just remember not to continually be dieting and not foam rolling. Although my complete video is only accessible to my premium members, you can start it from any online location. The trick is to foam roll if she isn’t foam rolling.
If your friend is finding it difficult to consume lean protein, she needs to stop and foam roll error number eight.
Her intake of pure protein presents a challenge. Healthy protein is fatty.
Carbs are good, lean protein is good, and fat is good. A small amount of everything, including vegetables, is beneficial.
If your doctor doesn’t advise against a certain food, then just disregard that mistake.
The all-or-nothing mentality is number nine. Many people battle with this one because it’s so big.
Just because you ate something that you believe you shouldn’t have eaten doesn’t mean you can’t exercise because they ate cake last night.

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